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Real Talk with Real Twin Moms

Having Twins…Does it Change Your Marriage?

Does having twins change your relationship with your spouse? On the 15th of every month, the Real Talk with Real Twin Moms Series has been bringing you real answers to the questions many moms of twins have. Everything from…

Real Talk with Twin Moms

Real Talk with REAL Twin Moms: A Monthly Blog Series

Have you ever wanted to ask mom’s of twins a bunch of questions, but didn’t really know how to approach the subject? I know that question etiquette is different for every parent in general, so several twin moms decided…

Jumping Feet First #NaBloPoMo

Hi and welcome to my second post during BlogHers NaBloPoMo series! Today’s prompt is: What is something that you have recently jumped into? And since I mostly jump feet first into EVERYTHING that I do, I’ll whittle it down…