Real Twin Moms Series: What Did You Think When You Found Out?

On the 15th of every month, the Real Talk with Real Twin Moms Series will bring you real answers to questions most moms of twins have. Everything from finding out you are having twins, to delivering twins, the struggles and rewards, and even marriage after twins. We are ready to get real about what it’s like raising twins, and hope it helps you through this adventure! Last month’s question was “When did you find out you were having twins?” and this month we are following that up with “What did you think the first time you heard it was twins?“. Learn a little bit about this month’s moms and their answer to the question at!

Real Talk with Real Twin Moms

I’m sure you can imagine what some of us were thinking as soon as we found out we were having twins. The million thoughts that flew through our heads, or even the big vast space that settled for a bit to try to accommodate the need for twice as many things as we were planning on purchasing. For me, the thought process was a cycle. There may have even been a little bit of denial in there for a bit of time. WHY DID GOD THINK THAT I COULD HANDLE TWO AT ONCE?! What a great sense of humor our good Lord has. 

I look forward to these Real Twin Mom Series chats each month, because it allows me to relive the pregnancy, birth and first year that I started this blog for in the first place. That’s right, the Twizzlers are the reason that Houseful Of Nicholes exists in the first place. They are the sole reason that you get so much fabulousness from Chicago. I don’t think that I would ever change the experience I had being pregnant with them, even though there were a few bumps along the road. BUT! This is NOT the answer that I gave in the roundup, so you still need to go and show Sippy Cup Mom some love! And leave a comment – it’s how us bloggers know that we’re loved! 


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