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Range Backpack by Noodleead

Thread Filled Thursdays: Range Backpack

I’ve been sewing. I just haven’t been writing about it. Between travel, hosting an exchange student, and LIFE, well, I’m not doing a great job of documenting my life.  Last week, I tried my hand at the Range Backpack…

Vogue V8787 Pattern Review: Thread Filled Thursdays

What a busy month I’ve had so far! Mr. Houseful turned 34 (YAY for birthdays, BOO for spouses who really aren’t that into celebrating, and tend to work on their birthdays,) we have celebrated the 12th year pastoral anniversary…

Shwin and Shwin Day Tripper Top

Day Tripper Women’s Top Review #thehfsews

Hey there! Here I am with another pattern review for your reading pleasure. This time it’s from the talented Shauna from Shwin & Shwin and it’s a women’s pattern! This one is her Day Tripper top from the limited…

Idea Pouch

Idea Pouch: Michelle Patterns Review

  I’m in the midst of sewing up orders for Christmas gifts, and just catching up on things that I’ve promised people (check out the drowning post from yesterday) so that I can get a sense of levity about…

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