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Our Houseful

Mr. & Mrs.  Houseful

African American Married Couple - Houseful Of Nicholes

The first light of my life with the last name Nicholes. Seriously this dude is my strength in all forms. He laughs at my jokes, and holds me when I cry or have a nightmare. I’ve known him since I was 13 years of age and he asked me to be his queen on our church steps.

Yep, Mr. Houseful had game.

He’s one of the hardest working men I know, and he will do all within his power to make sure that a smile stays on my face – and for the last 18 years, he’s been doing just that. 

On the other hand, I’m Natasha – I run the Houseful. I like to think that I am superwoman, but sometimes my fits of crying or extreme frustration level my thoughts. I am a minister’s wife, and a mom of four. I have crafter’s ADD and I’m not ashamed to admit it. While I’m attempting to rule the world, I’m trying hard to keep factual documentation.

I love reading, libraries, JoAnn Fabric’s, semi-farming,  Bruno Mars, Benedict Cumberbatch, Pepsi, and home decor picking fabric, learning new crafting techniques, planning parties, and snuggling with my babies. What’s bad is I still see them as the little people that are just a couple of days old and kind of want them to stay that way.

I’m completely head over heels in love with Mr. Houseful and I vow to live each day with him like it’s the first one – just not in that creepy Groundhog Day way.


The Cellist

The Cellist  

My first born. My tap dancing, cello playing genius. Literally. He’s also one of the main reasons that I go to the ends of the earth to visit every corner of this country. Wait – he’s the reason that we smile a lot and have to think of other ways to explain and learn things. He’s a deep thinker, and a master at mastering things. I’ve seen him learn to draw, teach himself entire pieces on his cello, how to make intricate lanyard keyrings, AND flip video games. All in one weekend. He challenges me beyond any other human being, yet makes me proud each and every day he chooses to put his best foot forward.


The Ladybug

Ladybug Fashion 

This picture sums up my first born daughter perfectly. Totally colorful, and spirited. She’s a fashion forward little lady and she’s very aware of what she does and doesn’t like. She’s my first homeschooled child, and the way that she loves learning makes my heart glad. She also loves the library  and has become a favorite of the librarians at our local branch. She loves chicken nuggets, french fries, rice, broccoli, and Pocoyo. Elmo is her best friend in her mind.

If you want to be her friend forever, fashion her in some ponytails with barrettes and watch the hair swing. She’s definitely going to be a mover and shaker when she’s older.

She loves her worship songs, and is now the youngest member of our church’s praise team. Watch out for her.


Lil’ Miss Twizzler & Sir Twizzler 

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid 

What can I say? She happens to be my most laid back child ever. Content with just sitting and laughing at whatever is going on, I know that there is plenty of thought wherever she’s concerned. I’m anxious to see how she handles the hierarchy that is the cellist and the ladybug.

My preacher man with the dreamy eyes. He’s a ball of mischief and giggles all rolled into one. He’s also the baby of the bunch. Literally. Where his twin is quiet, Sir Twizzler is ALL noise, ALL fun, ALL the time. He’s anxious to learn as well, figuring out how to get out of his crib, and around obstacles that the adults try to put in his way. Most days you can find him driving his cars themed walker around the house with the intention of actually getting it on the open road.

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