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Mrs. Houseful

Hula Hooping to Increase Movement

Using My Walgreens Health Screening

 A couple of months ago, I participated in the Walgreens Wellness Tour, and went through the screening. I mean, I can’t ask you all to take the screening and I didn’t, right? Unfortunately, I found out that I was…

Natasha Nicholes


  It is here. It is official. My birthday has descended upon us and I’m in full form. I shall be celebrating all month, so you all get ready! Don’t think I’m kidding either. Mr. Houseful has learned the…


A Tale of A First Kiss

  As a point of fact, I’m required by mom law to say that Lil Miss just stated that this picture is “so nasty!” because only boyfriends and girlfriends kiss and not mommies and daddies. Methinks that I’m doing…


SIX Show Sizzles When You #ExploreBranson

I know that I started off with my recap of my #ExploreBranson tour with these guys from The SIX Show on Monday, but I do believe that they still deserve their own post. Their show was just that entertaining…