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Must Have Hysterectomy Recovery Items

Ch-ch-changes – Hysterectomy Recovery Items

Yesterday, I talked about my hysterectomy and today, I’m going to talk about the changes that I’ve had to deal with AND the tools that helped me get to the place I’m in today. Because there is a light…

Natasha Nicholes hugging Latoyia Dennis

I’m Not Angry – I’m Just Tired

This is another post about hugging. I wrote one, that apparently didn’t hit the spot quite right. Someone took that to mean that I just don’t hug, and when they saw me hugging someone else after denying them the…


Lies Our Grandparents Told

As I sit here in what seems like clutter up to my eyeballs, I’m often reminded of the spotless house that my Granny had. It was always put together, although she would go about whenever we came over claiming…

Growing Bigger - Getting Louder

Growing Bigger – Getting Louder

I talked to my therapist today. It was about making sure that I’m taking up space. Letting people know that I exist, and that I have feelings, emotions, and a right to be. Recently, I had to make a…

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