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Have You Gotten Your Desire Back

Have You Gotten Your Desire Back

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Remember, a couple of months ago, when I started talking about why sexual desire in relationships for women is important? Or the time when I stated that being vulnerable might open up doors talking about desire? How have you been doing with that? Yes, you! Have YOU been doing what you need to do to make sure you’re on par with the desire you want and need to make sure you’re rockin’ the sexiness in your partnership?

Natasha Nicholes - Houseful Of Nicholes

Both of those articles talk about HSDD(Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) and why you should pay attention to the symptoms.

I’ll tell you the truth. The last several months have seen a drop in my libido, and I think it’s pretty obvious why. The hospital has been my nemesis since January and the hospital was where I hung out until the end of June. The hospital sapped me of energy and was my focal point for so much of this year. We’ve had sleep studies, hysterectomies, tonsils, and adenoids removed, and even the passing away of a family member. All in the hospital. Essentially the hospital played a starring role in my lack of wanting to be intimate.

I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t overwhelmed with being a mother. This time, no, I couldn’t pinpoint the lack of any of those things. It was the fact that I was letting the hospital depress me, and the depression was paralyzing. It always happens whenever death is involved, and one way for me to alleviate that is making sure that I’m taking care of my well being through doctors. It helps!

With therapy, I end up feeling more like myself, and well, you know, more like wanting to be intimate. However, when the therapy helps you feel more like yourself but doesn’t return that desire for sex, you may need to consult another medical professional. I mean, we know that one doctor alone can’t fix everything that goes wrong in your body, so we’re sending you to the desire professionals!

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Connecting with your partner shouldn’t frustrate you. You shouldn’t be frustrated with your body, and you shouldn’t be frustrated because of something that is happening within your body medically to limit your desire. You SHOULD be open enough with yourself to know when you do need to speak to a professional, AND to know that WANTING desire is not something to be ashamed of.

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