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New Year, New Plans, Not Resolutions

New Year

We’re 8 days into the new year, and I’m sure that you all may be tired of reading about resolutions that so many people have made. I’m not, but I’m seeing a LOT of complaining or a lot of “I never make resolutions, but this is what I plan on doing,” statuses. I’ve also seen, “Why wait until the 1st? Start losing weight NOW!” For the record, those started about two days before Christmas. Ah…the spirit of the season didn’t last all month. 

Anyway, Mr. Houseful and I were discussing some things for ourselves, our children, and our business (whether he pokes his head in here or not, the blog is partially his as well – it’s written in his contract.) and we got to planning. It’s amazing that the new year always gives one a clean slate of sorts, right?

First of. We’re fat. Collectively. No, he’s not going to kill me for saying that, and I won’t kill him for acknowledging my portliness either. Mostly because I’m fat too, but also because he loves me and knows that I’m not saying that because I want to embarrass him. While I know that we will probably never see the bodies that we had before parenthood, it would be nice to have the bodies that we had right after we had the cellist. They were such fine bodies! In this new year, we want to get back to healthy weights. I know that motherhood changes a body, and carrying twins the last time really helped with that change.

Anyhow, we’ve agreed to do something in the new year that we have been teeter tottering about for months now. We’re going to post full body photos (clothes on – I SEE you weird picture swiper!!) and give updates throughout the year. Even if we stay the same and the only thing that changes are our hairstyles, we’re going to see it through.

I don’t want to get all somber or anything, but with so many people around our ages being diagnosed with heart disease, cancer and other illnesses that we only connected with older people back in the day, I just felt like it was time.

We’re not going to do anything overtly drastic. We’re sticking to correct serving sizes, more green leafy vegetables, etc. and MORE ACTIVITY. Wherever we have to get it in, if it’s an impromptu dance party with the kids, to a game of hide and seek, we need to make sure that our activity levels are higher than just sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time.

So here’s our collective plan:

1. Take semi serious full body shots of ourselves so that we can show where we would like to work on.

2. Increase water intake, decrease pop (Pepsi is my vice, especially when sewing) and 100% juice is Mr. Houseful’s.

3. Stick to portion control. Still eat the foods that we love, but don’t overindulge. Snack on green leafy vegetables, and more fresh fruits and veggies. Stay within the season to also save money.

4. GET UP AND MOVE! Even in this darn cold snap that we’re having. If it’s too cold to be outside – then find something to do inside. Dancing, workouts, freeze tag, whatever. 🙂

5. Be forgiving of ourselves if we don’t quite make a goal each month. I would like to lose between 25-35 pounds this year. Mr. Houseful wants to lose 60. It’s doable.

That’s it. No hard diets, or inconceivable notions for us this way. It’s just too much to think about on top of keeping up with a homeschool schedule, and sewing/blogging/cooking/being.

We’re already starting behind since all but two people in our household was floored by the flu (as an aside, do you KNOW how much mucus toddlers make?!) so we will be sharing those photos next week. I’m still not sure how often I’m going to check in, but we’ll be keeping up fervently on this side. I pinky swear. Also, share with me what you’ve changed (or kept the same if it works for you) starting the new year, I really do want to know!

Also, stay tuned, as I will be sharing some great options for upcoming holidays next week as well! Think day of service for Martin Luther King Jr. day, Valentine’s Day ideas for kids, families and couples, and just great homeschooling options as well.

So, stick around! We’ll try to keep it even more interesting this year.

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Kari Wagner Hoban

Wednesday 8th of January 2014

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