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Mr. Houseful

Disconnect to Reconnect

5 Tips to Help Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect  This is Mr. Houseful and I at Landry’s Restaurant in Branson, Missouri. We decided to combine a work trip and his 36th birthday trip into a road trip, and I can’t be happier that we did.…

Mr Mrs. Houseful

The End of an Era | From the Desk of Mr. Houseful

I was never a person who enjoyed going out and partying. I was never a drinker, smoker, recreational drug taker. I never got an emotional high from the “crazy things kids do in college”. That isn’t to say that…

24 hours in a day

We All Have 24 Hours | From Mr. Houseful

There is truth to the notion that we all operate with the same 24 hours every day. It’s how we choose to live within those 24 hours that define us. We can rest, lounge-around, work, garden, play, eat, read,…

Mr. Houseful

Random Thoughts From the Mind of a Man

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for me to give Mr. Houseful his space. Today he gives us thoughts that….well you just have to read them.  There are plenty of differences we can’t point to between men and women.…