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From The Pen Of Mr. Houseful

Here goes another series that we’ll be starting on Houseful of Nicholes – but this time, it’s from the man of the house. Mr. Houseful. I’m not quite sure what he’ll be writing week to week, but I’m sure that it will keep some of you on your toes. It does that for me. You also get a piece of that warped sense of humor that I’ve been privy to for over two decades (did I just type that?!) He’ll show up here every Monday morning to impart his personality into our week. Hopefully we can keep it going like we’re supposed to, but don’t you worry, I’ll make sure to check on him every Sunday evening to make sure that I don’t have to beat him in order to give the people what they want. Here we go: 

I know it can seem depressing at times to find joy in the everyday mundane, but I encourage you all to snatch up every single morsel you can. It sometimes may seem easy to let life bog you down, and equally as hard to let life lift you up. For the moments of negativity, I prescribe the following:

Develop a healthy imagination.

Is that a flat tire? No! It’s a sabotage! Your alter ego is always trying to find ways to keep you from being great. Don’t let them win. You should stay cool and plot your revenge.

Does your family insist on keeping the house messy? Think again. It’s an elaborate scavenger hunt. You’ve got one day to locate, gather, and restock all of your drawers and shelves. Good luck soldier!

Running late for work? Wrong! You simply took your morning break early. But, uh, don’t say that to your boss. Their imaginations may not be this vivid.

Is this blog post a bit incoherent? Get Real! Only those most unimaginative would believe such a thing.

Happy Monday Folks!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.