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August 2017

HP AMP 100 Printer

HP AMP 100 – The Printer Made FOR Phones!

I currently have five printers in my house. They are all in use, and they are ALL HP model printers, but none of them quite surprised me as much as the HP AMP 100 has. Not because those printers…

5 Tips on Handling Back to School Like a Pro

5 Tips on Handling Back to School Like a Pro

Thank you Poise® for sponsoring this post. Follow Poise® on Facebook and Twitter and share how you Seize Your #PoiseMoment. I’m in my 14th year of back to school seasons and I would like to think myself a pro…

Back to School Means Back to Early Mornings

  Let’s face it. I’m not a morning person. Neither are 75% of my children. Only one enjoys getting up before 7 am and having her tea while watching something on PBS Kids or Sprout. I swear she’s channeling…

Operation Rocker

Cracker Barrel Salutes Veterans with #OperationRocker

Many thanks to Cracker Barrel for sponsoring this conversation about Operation Rocker, and allowing me to walk down memory lane.  Hey guys! Did you know that I served for 6 years in the World’s Finest Navy? Well, now you…

Beyond The Backpack

Kmart & Nickelodeon Host #BeyondTheBackPack

I always get to do cool things. I want to thank Nickelodeon and Kmart for partnering with Houseful Of Nicholes to tell you all about the great back to school shopping you can do with Kmart! Nickelodeon is also…

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