Thread Filled Thursdays – My First Quilt!! {Linky Party}

This isn’t about YOUR first quilt, it’s about mine! Even after sewing for more than 9 years now, I’m still doing firsts. This time, it’s the first full quilt that I’ve done. Start to finish. Cutting, piecing, quilting, binding. ALL OF IT IS DONE! I’m happy to share this project and a bit of my heart with you today. 

Thread Filled Thursdays

Here’s the front of the quilt. It was relatively easy to piece together, I found out, and I got the entire top done in an hour and a half. Then it sat. For ten months. It sat. This month I had the pull to take it off of the shelf that it was sitting on and complete it. Having something to focus on has kept me busy enough to not lose ALL OF MY COLLECTIVE SALVATION this weekend. 

Thread Filled Thursdays

I’m so giddy it’s not even funny! This pattern is the Darcey pattern by Villa Rosa Designs and I picked up the Rose Card from my local quilt shop The Quilters Trunk.  I love spending time in that shop, and they even take photos of your projects to share on their IG and Facebook pages! 


Thread Filled Thursdays

This week has been completely difficult for obvious reasons. Whenever racial tensions rise in this country, and they seem to be rising at a fierce pace, I try to find ways to keep my mind clear, and not to the point of crumbling. For me, pouring into my children does that. I found this quilt in my UFO (unfinished objects pile) and got to work on finishing. Praying, and trying to figure out what I can do BEYOND my community garden, or sharing with people on FB. I find myself in this space so very often, yet things that bring me peace always are avenues of creativity. So, I sew. It provides a calm that I usually can’t get with just sitting and watching aimless television. 

Thread Filled Thursdays - First Quilt

This quilt is for Lil’ Miss, but she has no idea that it is. She’s an owl lover and I figured a quilt this size would be great for road trips and travel in general when they are out and about, instead of bringing my bedspreads with them. Because when you bring a bedspread out of its warm and cozy home, horrible things are going to happen. 

Thread Filled Thursdays

I love that she is modeling a quilt that she thinks is for someone else, and doing it with a smile. While she has already told me that she wishes that she could have the quilt, she also stated that the little girl who is receiving it is going to be so happy because it looks beautiful! That let’s me know that I nailed it! Now to make the three others that I need to, and put them away for Christmas presents! 

Do you quilt? If so, what’s been your favorite project? If you don’t, what project have you created that was YOUR favorite! Link up below all of your crafty stuff and see you next week! 

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    Andrea @
    August 17, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Yea! I love how happy she is. That’s the best. I’m the type of person to tell you that my favorite project is always the one I’m working on at the moment, but my favorite finished quilt is probably my Steampunk Crazy Quilt. It took tons of time, but I think it really will be an heirloom.

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