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HP AMP 100 – The Printer Made FOR Phones!

HP AMP 100 – The Printer Made FOR Phones!

I currently have five printers in my house. They are all in use, and they are ALL HP model printers, but none of them quite surprised me as much as the HP AMP 100 has. Not because those printers don’t work well, but because they aren’t run fully from the phone. I love it that this one is. In fact, it can do almost everything while connected to your phone. Phone calls, music streaming, and printing all of those important contracts, PDF patterns, and homeschool printables that I have. I was provided with an HP AMP for review, and I’m sharing it with you today! 


If you don’t know, I sew quite a bit, but the patterns that I purchase are from PDF patterns that I can print out anytime I need the pattern. Instead of buying paper patterns at a store, and having to repurchase that pattern over and over again depending on how many times I make that item, this is a GREAT way to go. This also means that I print a LOT because of overuse of a pattern. Now I can print from my phone instead of having to fire up my laptop, and I can do it from anywhere in the house. 

The printer was easy enough to set up, and from being an HP printer user already, and part of HP Moms, I had the HP Smart Print already downloaded on my cell phone, and I was good to go. HP AMP 100 Printer

The great printing quality isn’t the reason that I love this printer so much. It’s because it’s Bluetooth ready, and will play telephone calls, music, or sound from video that I have streaming at a higher volume than I can get from my telephone alone. It’s allowed me to catch up on some very important Even if you’re not in a home based business, but you have the need to print paperwork for your children for school, or business to take care of AFTER you get off of your day job, this is a way to do it efficiently, and with CLEAR sound. Not only that, it’s compatible with HP Instant Ink as well! You can set up HP Connect which prompts you as soon as you start setting the printer up. 

Just know that you will have to tell your oldest child that if they are playing music and trying to print, the music will stop, and they don’t have to come running into your office wondering if you’ve silenced their very bumpin’ (in a good way) music. Another point to remember, 8 devices can be paired with this printer, and I’ve got three of my own already paired. I can also charge my phone, my Beats headphones, or any other USB charged device on the port that is available on the printer. 

The HP AMP 100 is available online and in all Walmart stores TODAY for $129. Scurry on down for yours, and enjoy rocking out to tunes, having those conference calls, and listening to your favorite shows and movies in surround sound! 

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maria long

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I saw this printer at BLogher and thought it was pretty cool. My kids would really go crazy over this.

Brett Beyer

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I love the idea of being able to pair 8 devices to it, as we have so many sources to print from. And being able to play music on it? Get. Out. That is so awesome.


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Love this and what a great price too. Would think it would be much more expensive for all the cool things it does.

Desiree Lopez

Monday 11th of September 2017

I've never seen a printer that had so many cool features before! The price point seems really good to me also. I'll have to head over to Walmart and check out the HP AMP 100.


Sunday 10th of September 2017

Amazing printer i am going to market for purchase this product

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.