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The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is the perfect item for your school supply list. If you homeschool or don't - it's that helping hand you've been needing.

The Echo Dot Kids Back to School Checklist

Earlier this year, I was gifted a big box of Amazon amazingness for Mother’s Day at the Mom 2.0 conference during a brand dinner (a dinner where we get sneak peeks at things to share with you all) and…

If You’re a Crafter You Need This

If crafting is your thing, and chasing small pieces of puzzles or knitting with tiny needles exhilarates you, then this Brighttech lamp may be your best friend! …

HP AMP 100 Printer

HP AMP 100 – The Printer Made FOR Phones!

I currently have five printers in my house. They are all in use, and they are ALL HP model printers, but none of them quite surprised me as much as the HP AMP 100 has. Not because those printers…