The Echo Dot Kids Back to School Checklist

Earlier this year, I was gifted a big box of Amazon amazingness for Mother’s Day at the Mom 2.0 conference during a brand dinner (a dinner where we get sneak peeks at things to share with you all) and then we had a visit to their sponsor suite and saw all of the great things that they had coming up this year. Per usual, I’m late sharing, but because we’re deep in the school year here, and we’ve been using one of the items in the gift box quite a bit lately, I wanted to share some of the features that we have been using. 

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The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is the perfect item for your school supply list. If you homeschool or don't - it's that helping hand you've been needing.

Before going on, I do want to let you know that the storytelling feature is AMAZING. During the day, when I’m working and would love to read my kids a story, but can’t Echo Dot Kids Edition comes to the rescue! Read more below. 

Echo Dot Kids Edition can play age-appropriate music, answer questions, tell stories, control compatible smart home devices, and more.


Ask Alexa to provide fun and helpful tips for conquering the upcoming school year.

Alexa, give me a back to school tip

Enjoy hundreds of hours of entertaining and educational content—listen to stories from Disney characters, play No Way That’s True from Nickelodeon, quiz your knowledge with National Geographic, and more!

  • Alexa, play ‘Name that Animal’
  • Alexa, play ‘No Way That’s True’
  • Alexa, open ‘Disney Stories’

Access over 300 Audible books, including Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan

  • Alexa, read me ‘Snow Queen’
  • Alexa, read ‘Nate the Great

Practice your math before school starts with the Amazon Math skill.

  • Alexa, open Amazon Math
  • Alexa, practice addition with Amazon Math

Wake up entertained each morning through setting character alarms from Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Visit the Alexa app > Reminders & Alarms > Manage alarm volume and default sound > Custom Sounds > Alarm > Celebrity to select your character alarm.

How To Use Amazon Echo Dot
Kids Edition

  • Alexa, wake me up to Moana at 7am

Keep the whole family connected through household communications between devices

  • Alexa, announce that it’s time for breakfast
  • Alexa, call Timmy’s room

Make sure you don’t miss a thing with timers and reminders.

  • Alexa, remind me to feed the dog at 6 pm
  • Alexa, set a three-minute tooth brushing timer

Ask Alexa questions about science, math, spelling, definitions or another educational topic that piques your curiosity.

  • Alexa, how many miles is it to the Andromeda Galaxy?
  • Alexa, how do you spell pterodactyl?
  • Alexa, how long is a day on Mars?

Alexa can also help with study breaks. Just ask to hear jokes or play music to listen to ad-free radio stations and playlists from iHeart Radio Family, like Radio Disney, Nick Radio and Kids Hits.

  • Alexa, play dance music
  • Alexa, tell me a dinosaur joke.
The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is the perfect item for your school supply list. If you homeschool or don't - it's that helping hand you've been needing.

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