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March 2016

Palmer House HIlton Museum

Chicago Sights: History is Hott Lunch & Tour

Chicago is so full of history, it’s a wonder we can contain it all. Two weekends ago, I learned just how much history was encased in the Palmer House Hilton hotel (the third building by it’s name, by the…

QuellyRue Designs Motherland Sweatshirt

Mom Fashion – QuellyRue Designs

These days, the time that I most feel fashionable is going to church or a work conference. The only time that I get proper photos is on church Sundays. Mostly because I force people to pose and hang with…

Do Rite Donuts

Chicago Sights: Do Rite Donuts

I think most of us are guilty of not really taking time to be tourists in our own cities. Especially those of us in larger cities. I always hear from people in LA, NYC, Atlanta, Houston and even St.…

Natasha Nicholes and her brother in DC

Sibling Rivalry

If you haven’t figured my birth order out by now, I’m the oldest. I’m the leader, I’m the person that default blame falls on, because I should know better. This weekend, I got to fall back and be cared…