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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

If you haven’t figured my birth order out by now, I’m the oldest. I’m the leader, I’m the person that default blame falls on, because I should know better. This weekend, I got to fall back and be cared for, by all people, my oldest baby brother. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve never hated each other, but being five years older than him, and always in trouble for something or another, you can say that I’m cautious when it comes to letting my guard down. The only person that was successful getting behind that wall was Jessica, and well, she’s no longer here. 

Natasha Nicholes and her brother in DC

Earlier this month, I flew to DC for the Shot At Life Champion Summit, and last week during a very low period of that week, my brother text messaged me to let me know that he would be there for a day overlapping. We established a meetup time and I went about my day. Travel to DC was uneventful, and I realized that I flew into the airport that was furthest away from where I was supposed to be. Then when I called my brother, who I thought was picking me up, I started to feel forgotten again. It’s so embarrassing. Instead of letting him know, I retreated, and then he made me feel little by sending an Uber to pick me up. All of these instances of feeling lost, and little things were being done to let me know I wasn’t forgotten. My brother. The person I’m supposed to watch out for. Even though, we’re both in our 30s. 

We met up at the hotel that I was staying at, and he asked me what I would like to eat. Again. I AM THE OLDER ONE! I’m supposed to be asking all of the nurturing questions, and the role was flipped on its head. I suggested Ethiopian, and he agreed. We went to a place that I ate at a long time ago during my time as a National Head Start Conference attendee, but it was renamed to DAS Ethiopian. Either way, it was an awesome way to spend an evening with my brother. He also paid. It was about time. 

Das Ethiopian Cuisine

What I really want to focus on is the fact that my brother was there for me in a way that I don’t think I even knew I needed. I know that he was just being a brother from his point of view, but it just goes to show that I have awesome family. I do. Even if I don’t tell them that often. 

Hey, little dude – I love you. Thanks for everything. 


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