Chicago Sights: Do Rite Donuts

I think most of us are guilty of not really taking time to be tourists in our own cities. Especially those of us in larger cities. I always hear from people in LA, NYC, Atlanta, Houston and even St. Louis talk about how they haven’t really found all of the ins an outs of their city like tourists do. When given a chance to check out special places in Chicago, I always jump, because I can always add a place or two to take out of towners that isn’t really over touristy, but still something different from back home. Enter Do Rite Donuts. I mean, can you really go wrong with donuts in the first place? Seriously. Look at these and tell me that you could walk out without trying at least ONE of them. I was graciously invited on a media trip to tour downtown Chicago, and Do Rite Donuts was one of our stops. It was well worth the walk from the Palmer House Hilton and back in chilly weather. 

Do Rite Donuts

The Do Rite Donuts shop that we visited on 50 W. Randolph, is a small shop, with enough room for maybe ten people max, and it only served donuts and coffee. There are often lines out of the door, but this rainy Saturday morning we lucked up and only encountered two other people in the shop. After we all got our donuts, we sauntered outside to chat, and I struck up conversation with an older gentleman who was on his way to a German class. 

I chose a bourbon glazed and pecan topped donut along with a cup of joe to start me out. It was DIVINE. Something about pecans makes me yearn for the days in Memphis with my Granny Blackburn, collecting all of the fallen nuts and sitting in her dining room happily cracking them open and eating the sweet insides until we felt like we were going to burst. This donut had all of the workings of long summers spent with my grandmother, filled with the very grown up and satisfying taste of the sweetened bourbon custard. 

Do Rite Donuts

We were also informed that the owners opened another small shop (with seating) on Erie that has something that the flagship store doesn’t. Hot sandwiches. Egg sandwiches for breakfast every morning until 10:45 am and chicken sandwiches – which are a bestseller – until close. Mr. Houseful and I are going to have to take a trip to the second store very soon to try these sandwiches out. I guess we’ll get there before 10:45 so we can order a sandwich from both sides of the food options. That’s not crazy right? 

Do Rite Donuts in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re taking kids, the extra large donut outside the shop on Randolph makes a perfect backdrop for a photo. You shouldn’t miss it at all! 

So to sum up everything. Do Rite Donuts. 2 locations 50 W. Randolph St and 233 East Erie. Donut specials rotate in and out all of the time, which means that you just have to visit regularly. They range in price from $2-$3 each and the hot sandwiches are $5-$7 in the Erie shop. I highly recommend the bourbon pecan, but you probably can’t go wrong with any of the varieties. I just don’t do chocolate because I’m the one person on earth who doesn’t get cozy with chocolate donuts. I’m also going back for for this pistachio beauty. 

Do Rite Donuts


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