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Finding Dory Is Coming! #HaveYouSeenHer #FindingDory

Finding Dory Is Coming! #HaveYouSeenHer #FindingDory

Did you love Finding Nemo as much as I did? Did you?! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming – is the mantra of the Taylor kids (my brothers and I) and we would always say it when we hit a rough patch in regard to our sister. I know she shows up in a lot of stories on my blog, but she’s thought about often. What’s weird is, she never got the chance to see Finding Nemo, and I know that she would have loved it just as much as we did. It’s only fitting that Finding Dory opens on her birthday this year, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to persuade all of my family to go out for a night out at the movies. 

Finding Dory

Now that Finding Dory is coming out, and I’m both excited and a bit nostalgic about it. I know that the same great cinematography will happen, with the bright blue ocean, and fantastic colors from the sea creatures, but the story is definitely going to pull on my heartstrings. Dory is on a search to figure out who she is, where she comes from, and why, exactly, can she speak whale? 


With Ellen DeGeneres reprising her role as well as Albert Brooks, we’re going to have as much fun as we did 13 (!!!) years ago. I know that I’m also very happy to introduce the houseful of littles to all things Dory. They’ve seen Finding Nemo and we’ve talked about the dangers of going off on your own as a little fish to prove that you are a bigger fish than your parents think. Such good conversations come from Disney films, and some that I’m not quite ready to have, but do anyway because they present themselves. 

Finding Dory

Anyway, check out some of the cover art and if you want to know more you can follow Finding Dory on all of their social media accounts. 

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Tuesday 5th of April 2016

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