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Houseful Of Littles

Raising Carefree Girls

This past Monday, my youngest son left me to hang with my mother (which is very non-Sir Twizzler like, he’s a homebody) so the girls and I had an unexpected day alone. So we did what any three ladies…

The Love of A Brother

The Love of a Brother

I love this picture so hard.  Nathaniel will be seventeen years old this year. He’s a junior in high school, and he’s in full blown teenage boy mode. Not chasing girls mode. Not checking in and trying all of…

Real Talk with Twin Moms

Real Talk with REAL Twin Moms: A Monthly Blog Series

Have you ever wanted to ask mom’s of twins a bunch of questions, but didn’t really know how to approach the subject? I know that question etiquette is different for every parent in general, so several twin moms decided…

Taking Flight with Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer is Taking Flight with Imaginations Everywhere!

Thanks to Radio Flyer and TapInfluence for sponsoring this great conversation on the importance of fostering the imaginations of our children, and calling the imaginations of our adult selves back out for play.  Mor Mor Baby surprised Nathaniel with…

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