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November 2016

Moana: You’re Welcome

I’m thinking that these days, we need a bit more singing and feel good in our lives. I’ve heard good things about Moana, and we’re slated to go and see it this weekend because life. Here is the full…

Illinois Treasure's iCash Program

Claim Your Money and Run! I-Cash Makes it Possible

I’d like to thank the Illinois Treasure’s Office for sponsoring the conversation on money, and recovering lost funds on the blog today.  Have you ever been doing laundry or cleaning out pockets or purses and found a folded up…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Are you a Star Wars fan? I have to admit that I’m not fully vested, but even I can’t deny the cultural classic that the original movies are. In preparation of the release of the newest installment last year,…

Kenmore Alfie

Meet Kenmore Alfie

I would love to consider myself a tech blogger, but the truth is, I’m a tech lover. I can tell you why I like certain things, but I can’t give you all of the specs and memory, and ram…

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