Moana: You’re Welcome

I’m thinking that these days, we need a bit more singing and feel good in our lives. I’ve heard good things about Moana, and we’re slated to go and see it this weekend because life. Here is the full clip of You’re Welcome performed by Maui (as voiced by Dwayne Johnson) and written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

I’ve been a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda since In The Heights and The Electric Company. His talent was very evident and the joy in which he rapped and sang was contagious. So much awesomeness in one person. Amazing. 

I also knew that Dwayne Johnson could sing because of his ukulele playing. 

Have you seen Moana yet? Without spoiling it for anyone, let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

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MOANA is now playing in theatres everywhere!

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