Hi, I’m Natasha, & I’m Overweight #HousefulOfCookies

Today, I went to the girly doctor. I’ll reserve comments on that for later in this post. Discomfort aside, I was knocked flat on my backside when I stepped on the scale and saw the numbers 1, 8,7, and 9 show up in that order. Essentially 187.9 lbs of Natasha exists and more Natasha, in this case, is NOT good. However, that Natasha is going to have to wait just ONE MORE DAY as we enter into #HousefulOfCookies season. 

I bet you thought this was going to be an inspirational post about making New Year’s Resolutions a full month before needing to, and whatnot. It’s not. But it is inspirational. I want to inspire you to bake some cookies this season, and to bake something other than chocolate chip (good) or gingerbread (jury’s still out) or eggnog cookies. They are great to have as a backup, but why not shake it up a bit? Yes, it’s time for the #HousefulOfCookies blog hop!

Last year,  I made cranberry white chocolate chip cookies, and tomorrow, I’m kicking off the blog hop with…you’ll just have to see. 

Nutty White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
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Seriously though, after I bake all of these recipes, I’ll do better. Maybe. Quite honestly, I will, but I’m attempting to forget the fact that I’m nearing the heaviest that I’ve been since the birth of my firstborn child. That squishy baby took me up to 208. I can’t do that again, but, cookies. 

So you know, here are the participants and their dates of participation. 

12/1 –Natasha Nicholes – Jan Hagel Dutch Shortbread Cookies 
12/2 – Maple Mellows – Rosie Discovers
12/3 – Partridge in A Pear Tree Pie Cookies – All Dressed Up With Nothing to Drink
12/4 – Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Coffee Glaze – Mama Harris’ Kitchen 
12/5 – Snickerdoodle & Peanut Butter Cake Cookies – Crafty Life
12/6 – German Chocolate Shortbread Cookies – Chewsy Lovers
12/7 – Fruitcake Cookies – So Rae, Me
12/8 – Cake Mix Christmas Cookies – A Real Urban Mom 
12/9 – Snow On the Mountain Cookies – Kitchen Stories Etc.
12/10 – Melt In Your Mouth Nutella Butter Cookies P Thirty 1 
12/11 – The Queso
12/12 – Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – Hysterical Mom 
12/13 – Chewy Gingerbread Cookies – FoodPlus
12/14- Glazed Lemon Butter Cookies – Mixed Blessings Blog  
12/15 – Banana Pina Colada Freestyle Cookies – Socamom  & Gingerbread Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies – Just A Splash of Diva  
12/16 –Chocolate Truffles – Houseful Of Nicholes 
12/17 – Snowball Cookies – Mixed Prints Life
12/18  Mommy & Me Blessed Macarons – Blessed be the Tie 
12/19 – Eggnog Cookies – Fab Haute Mama
12/20 – Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookie Drops – Suburban Scrawl 
12/21 – Journey of 1000 Stitches 
12/22 – White Chocolate Banana Bread Cookies – Unlikely Martha  
12/23 – Pfeffernüsse Cookies – Simmworks Family 
12/24 – Tea Cakes – Devaria H – Houseful Of Nicholes Guest Blogger 
12/25 – Graham Cracker Pecan Toffee Squares – Good Girl Gone Redneck 
12/26 – Yummy Chocolate Drops – Diva’s With a Purpose



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    December 6, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    You’re young…do it sooner than later. Menopause is not forgiving. I have found in my older years that exercise is a motivator and the feel good mechanism to counteract stress and burnout. I wish I would have learned it sooner.

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