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I would love to consider myself a tech blogger, but the truth is, I’m a tech lover. I can tell you why I like certain things, but I can’t give you all of the specs and memory, and ram that is used for them. I understand it a bit, but not enough to share properly with my readers. However, when I get a particular device that I like, I love to share it with the people. The Kenmore Alfie, voice activated intelligent shopper is a perfect place to start. 

Sears has now entered the realm of personal shoppers in the mode of a button press, and they aren’t doing too badly. While the Kenmore Alfie is only shopper based, and can’t play music or control your home devices, it more than makes up for it, by providing the research aspect of product pricing that so many of us love to hate to do. 

Kenmore Alfie

The Kenmore Alfie does not take long to set up. Just a plug in to charge for a bit, and then connecting the device to the wi-fi, downloading the app for iOS or Android, and then you can enter all of the pertinent information into your account dashboard and you’re set. The more you use it, the more it learns your preferences, and can figure out what you like. Unfortunately, it’s not voice activated, and you have to press a talk button to request what you want (if you don’t want to text on the app) and you can wait up to 10 minutes for a match to be found. The button lights up when it has found items that you may be interested in. 

For example, I was in the market for a pressure cooker and wanted to read the reviews without having to READ THE REVIEWS. OMG, so many reviews! I asked the Kenmore Alfie to search for an 8 qt pressure cooker that could also steam, and pressure can since I’ve been wanting to do quite a bit of that with fresh veggies and not. It isn’t voice activated, so you can either choose to press the button to talk, or use the downloadable app that you’re required to have to be able to place orders. Orders are dispatched with a simple statement of “Alfie fetch” via text or your voice, and that’s it. No tricks, or secrets to using it. 

Kenmore Alfie


I also love that the Kenmore Alfie has a magnetic backing because Sir Twizzler alone could lose the pyramids of Giza if you let him. I can put the Kenmore Alfie on the side of the fridge that he’s not interested in getting to, and it’s fine. You will have to charge it every once and again, but I prefer that because I never remember to buy batteries anyway, and the replacement of them becomes cumbersome. 

Kenmore Alfie

I may be a bit too invested in having conversations with the humans behind the process of getting my orders done. I’m currently researching knitting kits for the littles and three were recommended. The recommendations always come in groups of three, so if you don’t like what’s given to you, you can always ask for more samples. 

Alfie also sends deals to the app just in case you need extra inspiration to shop (especially this month.) As you can see, my pressure cooker arrived earlier this month, and I’ve been using it religiously. To boot, the pressure cooker didn’t come from Sears or Kmart, which is where the Kenmore Alfie is tied to, but another retailer. Free shipping too! 

Kenmore Alfie

I think that this would be a great started personal shopper aspect for those people who really only need a personal shopper and not speakers, or a device to control thermostat. The price point is also fantastic. With a MSRP of $49.99 it’s currently on sale for $17.99. Buy it, and you can SO make FETCH happen! 



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