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July 2015

PBS Kids Summer Reading Party Inserts

Summer Is the BEST Time for Reading

Guess what? I was one of those children that couldn’t be sent to their room because my mother could count on me to do one of two things. Read or nap. Sometimes, I would read until I napped. Other…

Hula Hooping to Increase Movement

Using My Walgreens Health Screening

 A couple of months ago, I participated in the Walgreens Wellness Tour, and went through the screening. I mean, I can’t ask you all to take the screening and I didn’t, right? Unfortunately, I found out that I was…


On #BlogHer15 and the Extent of Community

So far, every week this month, I’ve stayed in a hotel. I’m starting to feel like I really work. Last week, I was away for my state church convocation, and the week before that I was in New York…

Box Tops Collection Bin

DIY Box Tops Collection Bin

The crazy Box Tops for Education Lady is back! This time, I’m going to show you a DIY tutorial for collecting Box Tops in Your home if you don’t like leaving a baggie or envelope on the refrigerator. With…