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Using My Walgreens Health Screening

Using My Walgreens Health Screening

 A couple of months ago, I participated in the Walgreens Wellness Tour, and went through the screening. I mean, I can’t ask you all to take the screening and I didn’t, right? Unfortunately, I found out that I was 25 pounds away from weighing 200 pounds. I’d like to thank the National Urban League, and Walgreens for helping to facilitate this blog post! 

Let that sink in. My 5′ 2″ frame was carrying 175 pounds of weight around, and not really worried about it. While I haven’t become a workout queen, I have taken to moving around my house more, and even, wait for it…started biking. Many of you may not believe this, but I have never done a bike “ride.” When we were growing  up, I did have parents that were a bit helicopterish. They allowed us to ride bikes, but we were relegated to the block and we’d spend afternoons riding back and forth with a turn around at the end of the block. As a parent now, I totally get it, but there was something totally freeing about being able to do six miles on a bike – at NIGHT. Watch out now Mor-Mor and Poppy. And no worrying, Nathaniel was with me, making sure that I was safe. 

What does Walgreens have to do with this? A lot actually. I got a comprehensive health screening where I was given insight into what the main areas of my health transformation should be. For me, it was living to sedentary of a lifestyle. I mean, when I go, I GO, but when I’m at home churning out blog posts, or emails, or telephone calls, I’m sitting down. Does this mean that I’ve turned into a workout monster? Nope. What it does mean, is I’ve become more conscious of sitting too long. I may not be able to get up and go all of the time, but I can take breaks and play in the yard with the kids. I can bike. I can hula-hoop. I can even GARDEN. Say what now?!

Bike Riding

The biking part is most special to me for several reasons. I’ve always wanted a Schwinn, a fact that I didn’t hide from Mr. Houseful. I wanted a bike that I could put a basket on, and ride around my neighborhood on. Well, I was gifted with one. A multispeed Schwinn bike that I can put a basket on. Having this bike and being so darn proud of it probably seems silly to you all, but it’s helping me to become healthier. I love it, so I want to use it. My butt may hurt from not being used to pedaling for so long since my early teens, but it also lets me know that my muscles are working. 

The important thing to remember is that I chose an activity that was easy to participate in for me. Running and I do not get along. I hated it in boot camp, I hated it during PT, and I hate it now. I know for SURE the weight would come off in weeks if I started running again, but it’s not something that my heart would be in. I realize that my core is getting a workout as well from bike riding. I tend to subconsciously hold it in while riding, and then I feel the good ache of the workout. A great present for our wedding anniversary is if Mr. Houseful would buy himself a bike and take those nightly rides with me. Make no mistake, I’d still bike with Nathaniel, but I’d love to be able to bike with that guy who often invokes a desire to be better for me. Besides, when Nathaniel leaves for college, who will I have then? 

On those days where it’s too hot to bike (did you forget that I hated the heat?) I attempt to hula hoop inside and even have fun with it. There is a DVD to go with it! It’s a weighted hoop and boy does my waste and tummy know it. I have to remember several things while I’m making these little changes. I’ll be 35 in a little over a month, I have four children, I sit down a lot of the day. I’m not running from class to class like I did in high school. I’m not nursing babies anymore. If I want the weight to move, I have to start the motion. It’s that simple. With the addition of more water, and MOVEMENT, I’m sure I’ll be back to feeling like me in no time. Until then, you should join me, in MOVING! 

Hula Hooping to Increase Movement

Being muscular and loving sports is helping quite a bit as well. Dancing is also one of my favorite activities to do. There are so many things that I can do to keep moving, but for now, I’m all about that bike, baby. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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