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Summer Is the BEST Time for Reading

Summer Is the BEST Time for Reading

Guess what? I was one of those children that couldn’t be sent to their room because my mother could count on me to do one of two things. Read or nap. Sometimes, I would read until I napped. Other times I would nap then read. It was inevitable. I would devour books as fast as my parents could get them to me, and one of my favorite pastimes on Sunday afternoon was to “borrow” the comics from my granny’s Sunday paper. There was something so awesome about spreading the pages out on the floor, and lying on my belly with my hands underneath my chin as I read everything, and in color! 

Well, PBS is talking to my heart by making sure that during the summer, when so much loss of learning occurs, children are still keeping up with their reading, and loving every minute of it. I was invited to host a summer reading party with a couple of my close friends, and tell them a bit about what PBS is doing. As a PBS Kids VIP, I take my job very seriously! I was given a gift card to help with the party, and that’s how I was able to secure these awesome book bags!  Apparently these little ones take it seriously too, and they couldn’t wait to get into the grab bags that I created to go along with the reading material for both them and their parents. 

PBS Kids Summer Reading Party

We kept the party simple enough for the kids to enjoy and for me not to have to go into a full on planning mode with details. I wanted them to be able to enjoy the books and treats that we had on display. We all know a great book or reading activity can whisk you away anyway. Each of the kids got great book bags, and reading material for them, mom and dad. A reading journal/chart, bookmark, and a super summer fun book!

PBS Kids Summer Reading Party Inserts

I also swung past a local store and purchased blank books for them to create their own stories in. I mean, what’s more fun than creating your own story for others to read and use their imaginations with? 

PBS Kids Summer Reading Party Activities

There’s something about blank pages that just let you know the world is your oyster, right? I wonder if this is how every single author feels right before they start a book. The freedom that all of the kids felt this afternoon before creating their books. There were stories about camping, and cabbage worms, and love, and superheroes. It was awesome. 

Color pencils ready to be used for books

I do think that my children have a love of reading that was inherited. They love being read to. They love listening to stories being read to them on the television, or via CDs. Just as long as a good story is being told, they are all ears. They also love to tell their stories to us. Complete with illustrations and backgrounds of their characters. 

PBS Kids Summer Reading Party Book Creation

I hope that the rest of this summer continues to be full of big imaginations, and adventures throughout the galaxy. Knowing that PBS will be here to help them through a couple of more summers until they become young adults let’s me know that I’m in good company with teaching them. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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