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What I Wore Sunday: Tribal Print

Simplicity 4236

So, I totally missed last Sunday. Blah. I thought that I was cute too. I’m still struggling in the shirt department. I feel like I don’t have enough girly shirts in my closet, and then when I look, I realize that the feeling is true. I’m sure that I can make this “look” work with some sort of black blouse-y lace number. Oh well, I tried. Other than that, my skirt is one of my sewing creations. It’s a Simplicity pattern, 4236 to be exact.

This skirt was super easy to sew up. Two panels, a zipper and twill tape, and I was finished! AND it doesn’t feel like a home-ec project to me!

I really like this pattern, so I think that I will be adding more of these simple skirts to my wardrobe.

My shoes I got in a clothing swap years ago, and I thought to wear them with this look to give more of a casual feel. I’m lacking a LOT in the jewelry department. I will get better, but I will go ahead and admit right now that I have pierced ears, and 99% of the time, I do not wear earrings. I BEGGED my mother to get my ears pierced, and she relented when I was in 7th grade only to have me go earringless the majority of the time.

Yeah, I’m totally not one of those ladies who feels naked without earrings on.

However, let us pay CLOSE attention to the fabulous twist out that I am sporting a top my head. They NEVER come out like this unless I’m thinking about taking it down and doing another hairstyle. >womp< This style was achieved with the twists that you see from the last few days of my cruise – shea butter, shea moisture coconut & hibiscus hair milk, and my two hands.

Just to be clear…I have on stockings. It was a little chilly in Chicago today. LOL! 

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O! Jolly!

Monday 14th of January 2013

Gorgeous! I think your skirt is very pretty, and the whole look is beautifully styled (even without earrings). I went through the same drama with my mother regarding earrings with similar result. I finally was allowed to get my ears pierced in 7th grade and have rarely wrote them since!

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