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Thread Filled Tuesdays – Lots of Pockets Tote

Thread Filled Tuesdays – Lots of Pockets Tote

Lots Of Pockets Side Pocket It looks like I have my sewing mojo back! Hallelujah! Last night I decided to start sewing bags and clutches to stock my Houseful Of Stitches Etsy Shop. So far, I’ve put three new bags in there, and this week I should be able to sew a bit more – I hope at least. This beauty pictured above is the Lots of Pockets Tote by Michelle Patterns. I love her patterns – they are super easy to work with, and the finish is fantastic. I also love that I don’t have to slip stitch linings too much with her patterns. Inserting the magnetic clasps according to her directions was different for me, but I can totally understand her reasoning. From cutting to sewing, I think that I spent about three hours on both bags. THAT’S how simple they are!

Of course I have plenty of photos for you as well. Lots Of Pockets Tote 1

Lots Of Pockets Tote Front

Lots Of Pockets Tote

Lots Of Pockets Inside

Pocket Clutch

This little number is the pocket clutch. Literally perfect for putting in a coat pocket and going. For those days where you only want to carry essentials, cash, credit cards, chapstick or unmentionables (why are they unmentionables anyway? It’s a way of a girls life, but I digress.) There are two inner pockets, and the flap wraps around to insure that everything stays put. Pocket Clutch 1 Pocket Clutch 2I’m also loving the fact that I got my label perfect this time around. All other attempts have been slightly wonky. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to do this in my sleep!

That’s pretty  much it. And just in case you aren’t noticing, I’m trying to stay organized on the blog. I mean, you’ll still get my random postings, but I would like to bring you all regular programming around these parts. It’ll probably take me until the middle of February to form the habit, but I’m working on it!

Thanks for stopping by and Make It A Fantastic Day!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.