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This Lady Doth Protest

But not too much.

On Monday, the lady houseful woke up and participated in her very first protest. It was exhilarating and it was for a cause that I’ve been talking about for a while on this blog.

The Chicago Public Library.

It’s serious here y’all. Let’s examine some facts. The mayor has taken about 18% of the library’s budget (which only takes 3% of the city’s budget) and cut it. He’s cut all pages from the library. Which means that now the librarians and clerks are responsible for reshelving books, which means that the librarians don’t have time to help patrons like the ladybug, or the cellist, or me, which also translates into them not having time for library programs. NO. STORYTIME.

The mayor may be “getting things done” but he’s doing it at the expense of our children, homeless, and Chicagoans who actually depend on the library for things OTHER than just coming in and using Google. *insert eye roll* Because of my library, I’ve planned one of the best birthday parties for the ladybug – based on the library – and even had a special storytime there for her and her friends. I’ve learned to sew because all of these great sewing books are out their for me to check out. I’ve completed lesson plans for the homeschooling of the ladybug. I’ve taken books out to transport me to another world just for a couple of hours. The cellist has checked out books to help expand his understanding of a certain subject. He’s enjoyed reading books by Rick Riordan which led into books by lesser known authors because he asked his librarian for suggestions based on what he already liked.

In other words, we use our library. We depend on the expertise of our librarians. And we need them doing their jobs. And the mayor is keeping them from doing that.

While I was probably one of the only patrons at the protest – I do feel that I did my part because MORE patrons should show that they are serious about not wanting the libraries to close. It shouldn’t just be something that you say and then keep going.

I was told that several patrons came through to use the library that morning before I arrived, yet they didn’t stay. I’m not pointing fingers, but we HAVE to form a united front and show that the library is indeed important to us. When will we fight as a unit?

I expect the librarians and clerks to be upset, these are their livelihoods that the mayor is messing with. However, those that get upset because they can’t serve in the proper manner hold a special place in my heart. Because the Houseful is hungry, for every item that is on the libraries extensive menu.

~Make It A Fantastic Day!

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Thursday 26th of January 2012

Libraries are too wonderful of a resource to let go of without a protest. I appreciate your activism on behalf of libraries and the first amendment. Great blog post! Send it to Rahm Emanuel:

Robyn Wright of

Wednesday 25th of January 2012

I think library budgets get cut because sadly, fewer people will complain about those cuts. I am with you though in loving our libraries. I remember getting so excited each week when my parents took me - I would get a huge stack of books and devour them. As I got older I learned there was so much more I could utilize the library for as well and to me these uses have continued to grow and reach into modern life all of these years (I'm 41 now). My husband had never been to a public library - only the school library - growing up and he was amazed at all the cool things he can do at them. Once we had a child we spent even more time at the library - including all the years we homeschooled him. Not only were all of the librarians in the different departments instrumental in our homeschooling, but the entire staff was. Plus we utilized the library for meeting others with similar interests and to learn new things. We still use the library all the time. We visit different libraries as well. I think many library districts are doing an amazing job of coming into technology also. We can even borrow books for our eReaders now.

I could go on and on about how important I think libraries are to ANY community. And MomOmnipotent just because YOU want to OWN your own books does not mean that everyone wants the same or even that everyone could afford to buy all the books they wanted.


Wednesday 25th of January 2012

How awesome! I love love LOOOOOVE my local library system and STAY reserving books (I have a 100+ book list seriously).

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