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Good Morning!

Today is February 1, 2012 and it starts the beginning of Black History Month!

Because my blog deals with very specific content, I decided to focus on that type of content when highlighting people who I think that you should know from black history in general. Some will be famous. Some will be alive, and some will have passed on. I hope that you enjoy this month’s reflection.

First up,

Ms. Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley

Although she was mostly known for her great and controversial works of poetry, Wheatley was also employed as a seamstress until the day that she passed away.

Since, I fancy myself a growing seamstress, I figured we’d start this month out to a profession that I have grown to respect, admire, and love.

Other seamstresses include, but are not limited to:

Mrs. Rosa Parks 

Ms. Diana Ross – yes THAT Diana Ross – she studied design in hopes of becoming a famous fashion designer.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this little look into black history. See you tomorrow!

~Make It  A Fantastic Day

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