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101 In 1001 Days

101 in 1001 Days (Another Update)

It’s super obvious that we’re beyond the 1001 and days posted in the original list from this, but I’m still having fun crossing things off. I posted this list in 2011, and while I did not complete all 101…

Windy City Habitat #thehfbuilds

Full Of Words Wednesday: The Houseful Builds #thehfbuilds

Today, I’m honored to reflect back on our first volunteer day for this week’s Full Of Words Wednesday. The journey has officially begun! Mr. Houseful and I completed one of many large volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity to get…

Mrs. Houseful’s 101 in 1001 Days

It’s really nice to come back to this list every now and again and see what I can actually cross off. I thought that there wouldn’t be anything, and it turns out that I have quite a bit to…

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