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The Houseful Builds

IKEA Launches Feeding the Future to Support Feeding America

IKEA is Feeding the Future with Feeding America

I’ve been in love with IKEA for a very long time. I’ve brought home catalogs and paged longingly through wishing and hoping that I could one day style a room just like they do. In my head, I’ve become…

Moving Day Boxes


This is my life right now. Boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes. I’m swimming in cardboard, and I kind of want to kick it all to the curb. I was doing well with going back and forth from our old…

World Market Kitchen Accessories - Vintage Mason Jars

World Market Mania: Mason Jar Accessories

 I’m not sure when I first walked into a World Market, or why I did, but I’m pretty sure that I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. I didn’t step foot into it with serious intentions until we…


Our Home Dedication #thehfbuilds

  Whew! It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it? I haven’t done an update about partnering with Habitat Chicago because quite honestly, I’ve been a bit exhausted with the process. It IS an exhausting process if I’m telling the truth,…