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It’s Update Time! Habitat For Humanity #thehfbuilds

It’s Update Time! Habitat For Humanity #thehfbuilds

There comes a time when updates need to happen, and that time is now. I haven’t done an update on the building of our home because most of the updates were things that you all have already seen, but we were doing small updates on, or we were helping to raise the walls of our neighbors home, which is just as exciting, no? Don’t I just look excited below? Actually, I was explaining all of the information that I had to cram into my head in two hours to one of my bloggy friends Sidney and her son. By this time (roughly 1 pm) we had gotten only two rows of tile down. I was starting to hate porcelain and mortar. 


Well, Mr. Houseful and I have started laying the tile in our kitchen, and we’ve learned a couple of things in the process, including the correct way to start tiling in the first place (hint: you don’t start from a corner.) We ended up picking 18″ cream-colored tile from The Home Depot and we, along with one of the future crew chiefs, started putting them in Saturday. Let’s recap what we’ve learned, shall we? 

  • Do not kneel on the tile after you have positioned it on the floor. Seems common sense, but when you’re focused on getting the next row down, sometimes the common doesn’t connect with the sense, and you have to reposition, and measure again, and threaten to cry. Don’t ask me how I know. 
  • Mortar sets slow enough for you to think that your tile is straight, but fast enough for you not to do anything about it when it’s not. 
  • When tiling a room, you should start in the centermost point of the room. Mark a large “T” and position the first four tile corners at the intersection. It will create a floor plan that allows for only cut edges to go along the parameter of the room. 
  • You will definitely notice if a room’s walls are not square, OR if you’re just really horrible and aligning 18″ tile. I’d like to think that the walls settled and we’re not completely horrible at keeping things in line. 
  • NOTHING is perfect. Ever, and I’m learning to be okay with that. 
  • I’m also feeling like I could totally build a whole house, and it would be livable. 
  • Construction makes you lose weight. Mr. Houseful is down an entire pant size, and I’m fitting into dresses that I couldn’t wear before. I’ll take it. 
  • We’re almost done with OUR HOME


One of the highlights of the day was being able to use a wet saw. This saw is used specifically with cutting tile so that you cut down on all of the dust that can kick back with it. Water, and a cutting table is all that you need. Also, measuring twice. Lots of sewing rules integrate nicely into construction. I’m a rebel though, and measure at LEAST three times. I don’t care how impatient people get. You won’t blame me for ruining things. Especially not in my own house. 


Our master bathroom shower is also fully tiled. We picked a grey tile that measures 24″x12″ and set it up subway style. I’m loving it. Larger tile means easier cleaning of the grout. Plus not so much grout to have to clean in the first place. The gentleman that you see below is one of the construction supervisors, Leon. He’s kind of carved a special place into our hearts, and works to make sure that our family and the families that will come after us will have houses that are fantastically put together. His laugh is also incredibly contagious. 




The last update is that our hardwood floor came in too! It’s clickable which makes our job a lot easier to install. We chose a Bamboo in Walnut, and I’m pretty excited about having bare floors to decorate with area rugs and whatnot. We;re playing around with the pattern to make sure that we don’t repeat it right away. We’ll see on Thursday when we go back. 


2014-07-12 15.24.50

The most exciting news of all though is, WE WILL BE DONE WITH SWEAT EQUITY THIS SATURDAY. Let us all collectively praise God, because this was a LONG process. LONG. Lots of tears were shed by me, and lots of figurative head banging against walls happened. I do know that our affiliate has taught us so much, and hopefully they are learning lots from us as a partner family as well. They are patient, and kind, and on it on behalf of all partner families, and that makes me happy. 

As of today we are at 17 hours remaining out of 500 hours and then it’s just completion of the home in time for Nathaniel to start his freshmen year. Lots to do, lots to do. 

So, there are things that I ask of you. Please continue to pray our strength, and also our sanity, because this is a long process that can be discouraging if you let it. I’ll promise to keep you up to date as well. 




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