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Mrs. Houseful’s 101 in 1001 Days

It’s really nice to come back to this list every now and again and see what I can actually cross off. I thought that there wouldn’t be anything, and it turns out that I have quite a bit to cross off. If you need background, you can check the 101 in 1001 Days out  HERE

Here we go:


  1. Read my bible daily
  2. Study the Sunday School Lesson every Saturday Night with the Mr.
  3. Really open my ears and spirit to HEAR what God wants to do with my life
  4. Pray MORE
  5. Pray before making major decisions – each and every time
  1. Read a total of  75 books for FUN. ( will help me keep on         track
  2. Re-enroll in school to finish my undergrad degree. *Hangs head in shame*
  3. Take a sewing class
  4. Take a quilting class
  1. Start  and complete P90x (*bitesnails*)
  2. Get ACTIVE exercise OUTSIDE for at least 90 minutes each week – no excuses
  3. Tone my belly
  4. Eat healthier meals
  5. Visit a spa at least ONCE a year and get a massage and facial
  6. Get pedicures monthly during the summer and every other month during fall and winter
  7. Keep polish on toenails done monthly
  1. Spend at least thirty minutes with each child, each day
  2. Become and integral part of the cellists musical life
  3. Take the cellist on a cruise (*yikes*)
  4. Teach the ladybug how to ride a bike
  5. Enroll the ladybug in tumbling classes
  6. Read every single night to the ladybug no matter how tired I am
  7. Read at least one hour a day with the cellist – even if we’re listening to the audio version and discussing afterwards
  8. Cook one meal each week with the cellist and ladybug’s help
  9. Go on one full outing with each of the children alone, once a quarter – the gradually once a month
  10. Open savings accounts for the last three children
  1. Watch football games where the Bears AREN’T playing, with the Mr
  2. Get back to planning date nights every month
  3. Make a big deal for Father’s Day every year
  4. Pray with him every evening
  5. Speak into his spirit each day
  6. Take a cruise with him
  7. Visit another country with him any other country
  8. Take our first plane ride together 
  1. Las Vegas
  2. California
  3. Washington State
  4. Oregon
  5. Yosemite National Park
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Maine
  8. Connecticut
  9. Mt. Rushmore
  1. Sew myself a skirt
  2. Sew myself a dress
  3. Sew myself some pants
  4. Learn how to knit or crochet – or both
  5. Learn how to draft my own pattern
  6. Sew the ladybug and Lil Miss Twizzler holiday skirts
  7. Sew the cellist and Sir Twizzler holiday ties
  8. Finish scrapbooks for each child
  9. Set up a real craft room, complete with sewing table, scrapbooking table, and general craft table and storage
  10. After doing 1-3, sew myself a wardrobe for each season (*yikes*)
  1. Finish painting all of the rooms
  2. Get completely matching living room furniture
  3. Get completely matching dining room furniture
  4. Add smart storage solutions
  5. Do the closet office idea that I stole saw on Pinterest
  6. Finish the children’s bedrooms
  7. Finish the bathroom
  8. Finish our bedroom
  9. Finish the homeschool area
  10. Finish the den
  11. Give away all of the unused dishes and appliances to GoodWill
  12. Continue to scale down all of the clothes we can no longer fit or want and give to GoodWill.
  13. Meal plan for the month – and factor celebrations and such into the planning. Stay realistic.
  14. Finally complete Dave Ramsey’s financial university (it was free darn it!)
  15. Start our porch vegetable garden
  1. Tithe regularly
  2. Take active steps to increase credit score
  3. Save six months salary
  4. Pay down ALL credit
  5. Get to zero balances and stay there EACH month on store credit cards
  6. Pay off car, and purchase new one with lower interest rate AND monthly payment
  7. Start saving for building a home from the ground up. WE BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP IN 2014 
  1. Drop more snail mail IN the actual mail
  2. Send out birthday cards to immediate family and close friends each year (write them up at the end of the preceding month to make it easier)
  3. Go out to lunch or dinner once a month with my girlfriends
  4. Take a girls only trip somewhere
  5. Drive out of town once a quarter to visit a friend (planned with them of course)
For Fun
  1. Learn how to roller skate (the right way)
  2. Learn how to swim (the right way) including treading water – WITH the husband
  3. take a Zumba class
  4. Go to an opera on opening night – and dress to the nines
  5. stay at a downtown hotel (after pricing down of course)
  6. Take a horse drawn carriage ride
  7. TOUR my city. Every nook and cranny, every neighborhood, and document on this blog.
  8. Do something seasonal every season – don’t just PLAN to do it.  For instance – Boo at the Zoo for Halloween, Christmas Lights during the Holidays, Easter something, Veterans Day, Spring festivals, Street Festivals during the summer.
  9. Go and see a musical
  10. Go and see a play
  11. See the Blue Man Group
  12. Take the ladybug to a play
  13. Take the cellist to a play
  14. Go to a parade for Thanksgiving or Christmas
  15. Create holiday traditions
  16. Purchase my Canon or Nikon DSLR
  17. Purchase my iPad
My Craft
  1. Open my Etsy shop
  2. Have a full stocking of cloth diapers, wipes, bibs and blankets
  3. Continue party planning – of sorts
  4. Continue baking and decorating
I’m not faring well on the spiritual aspect like I thought I would be. Praying daily is actually very difficult for me, and yes I am the wife of a minister. I always feel like I’m asking for something, or just not doing it right. And yes, I grew up in a Pentecostal household, so I have several YEARS worth of examples. If you all are joining in this challenge, how are you doing? 

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Saturday 9th of November 2013

Good job! I dare not make such a list lest I drive myself insane(er)

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