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Easy Canvas Photo Review

Easy Canvas

Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember always being fascinated with pictures. My paternal grandfather, and my daddy always had a camera in hand whether it was a Minolta, or Olympus, capturing those memories for us to ooh and ahh over down the road. When I was nine or ten, I got a 110 mm camera of my own, and I quickly set about taking photos of anyone and everyone that would let me. So you can imagine, how I felt about an opportunity from Easy Canvas for a photo canvas review, and to use my OWN photo!

Earlier this summer, I posted the photo above to IG and FB and got so many great compliments on it. It’s not the best photo I’ve taken by far, but it does hit that old school nostalgic feel that I really love. Unfortunately, it’s missing ME and the cellist, but I’m sure I’ll get another photo taken soon enough with all of us in it. I took that photo and uploaded it to an my Easy Canvas account and then proceeded to choose which size and finish I wanted. You can choose full color, b&w, sepia, etc. That’s it. Easy enough for me not to throw a laptop – which is a huge win.

When I received my Easy Canvas print in the mail, I was happy with the packaging of it. It came wrapped sturdily, and was marked as a fragile package, and whaddaya know, the UPS delivery person honored it! Bubble wrap also abounded, and I may have had a lot of fun popping the wrapping of it. The quality of the canvas is great as well. Strong, and the canvas is wrapped tightly around the frame. I love it!

I chose an 8×10 print which is small enough to keep on my sewing table so that I can look at it while working. I think that whenever we move to a larger house, I’m going to find a print that can fit over a couch or something. I’m doing a bit of dreaming here, but I still want it.

Are any of you fans of canvas prints using your own photos? How do you like them? Share in the comment section below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.