After the Holidays, Comes Snacking

Gold Emblem Select Snacks


So, who’s with me in after holiday, before holiday, during the holiday snacking? Oh heck, it doesn’t even have to be the holidays, and I’m all for having a decadent snack or two. I usually am not a sweets eater, but there comes a certain time, where I need chocolate (with caramel only) or a cookie or cupcake of sort. Usually that time also coincides with late night working at my desk, whether it’s sewing, blogging or editing photos. 

This entire month, I’ve been sharing how CVS and their Total Home, and now Gold Emblem Select brands have kept me and everyone in my house for that matter pretty sane. With the ability to clean quickly and for a great price, to being able to not have to worry about storage of leftovers or dishes, and now, to sit back and enjoy decadent snacks while hiding in a room, or closet, or even the bathroom, alone, just to breathe, I can tell that the holidays are over. 

Technically, I should be sharing with you all how to make these great for company, but let’s be honest here. I didn’t have company, and I don’t share nicely. Also, these are the types of snacks that you just kind of hog. Like, you totally just sit and hide somewhere and just gorge yourself silly. Well, not in one sitting. You OBVIOUSLY have to save these types of edibles to last for as long as the holiday season seems to. We all know that it’s getting earlier and earlier too. It seems to have started in August of this year, didn’t it? 

Now, if you are not as selfish as I am, and want to share these goodies with company, I suggest getting a great set of mismatched glass bowls from a thrift store, and displaying them on a coffee table free for consumption. However, don’t get all sad when they’re gone, because with the price point on these blue boxes, you’ll be able to stash several more for enjoyment after company leaves. 

Remember before going to make sure that you have your CVS ExtraCare card in hand and enjoy the savings that it brings. 

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