Holiday Entertaining with CVS – The Aftermath

I know that for many of you, your lives are getting back to normal during this post holiday haze. Some of you may still be cooking, but may not want to see another fancy dish for at least seven days. Or is that just me? While I love eating on my glassware, sometimes I just hate having to clean it all up. There’s something about being on my feet for dayS (yes with an S) cooking and cleaning dishes that the next week, I can’t stand it. If we could afford to order takeout for a week afterwards, I’d do that, but until then, we’ll head to our local CVS and stock up on Total Home products to help alleviate the need to break out plates and utensils. At least for a week. 

Total Home Paper and Plastic Products

I try to make sure that the last week after Christmas is as stress free as possible. I’ve learned to pick my battles, and dishes is not one of them. You can count napkins as well, because Total Home also offers paper napkins that are soft and absorbent for all of those leftover messes that you may need to clean up. 

Can we also discuss the fact that the plastic utensils are dishwasher safe? Did any of you know that? I didn’t, and now I can use the plasticware for the littles who love to take a new fork or spoon for every single meal that they may eat each day, instead of washing it out. Or maybe I’m just talking about the cellist. 

The Click ‘n Lock Double Zipper storage bags came in handy to store all of the leftovers that we had as well. They didn’t take up nearly as much space as storing them in plastic bowls would have, and still kept our food fresh. I still have greens, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, dressing and a little bit of turkey waiting on me. Just so you know, these were full the day after Christmas. 

Total Home Paper and Plastic Products

I’m glad that even with the move to the new house, we have a CVS within five minutes from us, and their prices are always great for my budget. While it may not be right around the corner like it was at our old home, it’s still here, and available for us to run to when we need to. Being a self-proclaimed brand loyalist, I still find it amazing that their store products handle just as well as my name brand items. 

So here’s my question. How do you handle dishes the week after a big holiday? 

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