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And This Christmas Will Be…

And This Christmas Will Be…

A very special Christmas indeed. 

While things didn’t go as planned – they went like they were supposed to go. Usually, we’re not at our house during Christmas. We pack up the kids and head to my in-laws. This year, I just really wanted to celebrate all that we had in our new house, and we did. We even picked up another family member – a dog. A German Shepherd/St. Bernard mix that became ours by way of my paternal grandmother. You’ll see photos soon enough, and do not be alarmed. He’s 6 months old, and as large as most adult dogs. We have to remember that when he’s up to puppy antics. Let’s just say, that I’m also glad that my toilet is clean, after seeing the second photo and being too lazy to edit. We also have to remember to buy a higher dog dish. This little one was perfect when he was a wee pup. 

2014-12-11 19.47.01
2014-12-21 10.15.19

I cooked. Not a lot, but enough. I did it all by myself this year. No sides given by anyone else. I’m pretty amazed. Turkey, mac-n-cheese, greens, dressing, candied yams and an acorn squash appetizer that we have loved for a while. My wrists are upset with me, but I cooked. In MY kitchen, in MY house, for MY family. 

This year, we didn’t buy a single gift. I’m still a bit sad about it, but you know what? The world didn’t end. As I scrolled through Instagram and Facebook seeing photos of trees that had gifts bursting from underneath them, I was sorely reminded that for the last several years we haven’t been able to “do” Christmas like that. The last great Christmas that we had – in that vein – was when the cellist was four. Ten years ago. The only person that made a comment about it was the ladybug, which lets me know that commercialism may have made more of an impact than we did. It’s okay. Being six sometimes is a lesson in gratefulness and understanding with things. Instead, we decorated cookies and ornaments. We stayed in pajamas and walked around with messy hair (until Christmas.)   We found joy in the little things, and I was able to spend lots of time with my children instead of focusing on things that I did before. Now, don’t mistake this for me thinking that I’m above buying gifts for them next year. I would LOVE to have a Christmas where we are able to get them everything that they need and several gifts that they want, but I must say that we need to keep the reason for the season in the forefront of our mind. Basically, this Christmas was a lesson in being focused on the blessings of the Lord, and knowing that while we weren’t able to do what we wanted this year, we’re still in a much better place than so many others. 

2014-12-22 18.15.10
2014-12-22 18.11.11
2014-12-22 18.10.23

This year, I didn’t have to wash a dish, because my husband loaded them all into our dishwasher. The first one that I’ve had since college. Imagine that. The time where I was poorest, I had a dishwasher, and an apartment with two bathrooms. Ha! 

We danced. We sang a bit. My back ached. The food was great – my turkey was delicious! I had to keep remembering that this time, I wasn’t cooking for Thanksgiving, as I got a bit frazzled at the lack of sales for things. This is the first time that I’ve made Christmas dinner ever. EVER. I broke the tradition in my new home. Surrounded by the five most important people in my life. My husband and my four children. It was lowkey. It was nicer than I gave it credit for being. 

If you do celebrate, how were your holidays? If they weren’t all that they were supposed to be, I hope that this time next year, you can reflect on that, and find a smile on your face. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my houseful to yours!

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Monday 29th of December 2014

The blessing is you spent Christmas in your own home! And your children are blessed with great parents that shower them with love! And yes,that is a Big Puppy, and so darn cute! Your food looked good too!!

Andrea @

Friday 26th of December 2014

This sounds like a lovely Christmas. And I love the idea of teaching your children about the true meaning of Christmas instead of filling the holiday with gifts. I'm sure that's something that I would never be good at doing myself. I hope that you and your family continue to be blessed in the new year.

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