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The New Year is Here

The New Year is Here

New Year

The first day of the New Year has come and almost gone, and we kept it low key in our houseful. Sir Twizzler has had a monster of a cold for the last four days or so, so we’ve been in the house. I’m talking copious amounts of tissue have given their life to make sure that a snot monster has grown from his head. They will be missed. I’m sure most of those sheets of tissue were honored to do this duty instead of the alternative. Yes, I made a poop joke the first day of the year. I’m classy. 

Since he’s the baby of the family, I thought it only right to focus on him for a bit. He’s often looked over, and not the first to be picked for sleepovers. With two very confident girls as his older sisters, he’s often limited to grabbing the nearest handheld device and escaping into the world of Eternia with He-Man or Etheria with his twin sister She-Ra. He-Man’s twin sister, not Sir Twizzlers’, just so we’re clear. He can spend hours watching the cartoons and for the last couple of days, Mr. Houseful and I have let him spend a little more time taking in these vintage (gah! I can’t believe I just typed that) cartoon from our childhoods. 

He’s wanted to give more hugs, and kisses – with a snotty nose (yuck) and just in general be by our side all day. Some days, it was endearing, but seeing as both Mr. Houseful and I have to work (darn those pesky bills) sometimes it just wasn’t convenient. We had to get creative. I figured being able to watch the classics and PBS in the rotation of long naps and eating had to count for something. It didn’t limit the amount of hugs that he wanted, or the kisses that he tried to give, or the fact that he shared his germs with his older sisters even though they always kick him out of playtime with them. 

This year we want to slow down. Enjoy more stuff. Oh, I’m sure that I’ll be just as busy as last year, but the fact will remain that I will try to take time to be in the moment. To focus on what is going on around me, instead of trying to get to the next moment. I mean, if I can’t do it for that face above – what type of living am I doing? 

Once again, we wish you and your family, a Happy and Prosperous new year, from our Houseful of Nicholes. 


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Andrea @

Friday 2nd of January 2015

Awww... Sir Twizzler is absolutely adorable, as are you and the rest of your family. I sincerely wish you and your family a blessed new year.

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