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Poppy Houseful Celebrates His Birthday with Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

Poppy Houseful Celebrates His Birthday with Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that I’m a daddy’s girl. From birth to now, I’ve always been that way. That’s why it was important for me to celebrate his birth month (he’ll be 53 in 22 days – he’s okay with me saying that – I think) with a gift. For so long, I’ve been able to give him gifts of things that I’ve made, or things from the children, but what he REALLY needed was phone. His last phone has a super cracked screen, and I figured he could switch over to Walmart Family Mobile which has some of the lowest priced unlimited plans out there. Plus, this ZTE ZMax is one of the most affordable phablets on the market. At a price point right now of $179 on Rollback, you can’t really beat it with a stick. Gifting him a new phone on the first day of the year instead of waiting until his birthday, assures me that he’ll have connection for the WHOLE year, and not end up cutting all of his fingers from trying to use the death trap phone that he had beforehand.  

Dad and Daughter

One of the stories that my mom enjoys sharing with me and the kids is how excited I would get whenever my dad came home from work. To this day, the Ladybug and Lil Miss Twizzler act the same way. They usually give Mr. Houseful a welcome home that rivals that of the Rose Bowl Parade each night when he walks through the door. I’m sure that’s probably how it went in my house when I was just a Lil Miss myself. My dad would whistle as he approached our front gate, since we lived in an apartment complex, and the story states that I would stop whatever I was doing and do a little dance while screaming – MY DADDY IS COMING HOME! I’m not quite that animated these days, but I do get a bit excited when my dad takes a bit of time out of his day to come by to check on me.  


While out running errands earlier this week, I decided to pick up a gift for his upcoming birthday. The ZTE ZMax from the Walmart Family Mobile line seemed to be the best choice for him. Those that are friends with me on Facebook will know that my dad is an avid user of the social media platform and often harrasses me comments quite a bit on my status messages. With his new phone which comes in at a price point of $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web ($29.88 for the second line) and 5GB of 3G Data, he’s able to do even more with his plan. So the Facebook love can come without interruption. 

Walmart Family Mobile Display

My dad loves road trips as well. I don’t think that there has ever been a time where I felt like we were lost. Back in the day, he would pull out his atlas and check to see which highways or routes we should be on. Now, he’ll have Google Maps to take him wherever he may need to go, should he need it. Hell also have Netflix on hand for movie and television show watching, and coverage that will allow him to do it without fearing being cut off. He can also check all of the emails that he receives, right on his 5.7″ screen, and not have to squint to see. 

ZTE ZMax Phone

Mr. Houseful helped us out by showing my dad how to insert the SIM Cards, and how there were two spots for his SIM Card and a micro SD card so that he can save all of the photos of the grandkids that he screenshots from my Facebook account as well.

ZTE ZMax Phone

They had a 30 minute tutoring session before my mom and dad had to leave for all of their adventures. See his cracked screen phone in his left hand? Yeah, I’m so glad that hazard can be chucked. Now that we’ve rolled over to 2015, can you think of any reasons that someone close to you would need a new phone? 

2015-01-01 13.26.10

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Friday 9th of January 2015

Yikes! So glad you were able to gift him a new phone. When I see people with cracked screens I cringe at the thought of slicing my finger. I'm sure he had a blast using it! #client

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