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Moving Out and Moving On

Moving Out and Moving On

As of today, we’re still not moved out of our old house. 

Let me say that again. Almost one month to the date of our big move, and we still haven’t moved all the way out of our old home. 

It’s mostly my fault. I have a lot of things that I can’t let go of, and no place to put them. It’s also a space issue. We had much bigger rooms in our old spot, but no storage. I wanted to keep a handle on unpacking, so we decided to move room by room. Well, we got our bedrooms moved over – or the kids rooms moved over, and our kitchen, and then holidays happened, and then kids getting sick happened, and well, tired happened. 

I will say, I’m taking for granted that my parents won’t throw our things out, since they were our landlords, but I also feel guilty because we’re keeping them from getting that condo ready to rent out to someone who could be renting it. It’s just a big headache. We live roughly 20 miles from our old house, and in Chicago terms that can range anywhere from a 25 minute drive to an hour and a half with traffic. It’s hideous, and exhausting, and well, I’m tired. Did I mention I’m tired? 

For instance. Just today, we moved our dresser from our old house into our new one. Upon entering the old house, we still have ALL of our books, my complete sewing room, and all of the kids toys to bring over here. It’s going to be a long week. But I look at it this way, we have stuff to fill our home. However, most of that stuff won’t make the cut. Until I get some extra shelving  units and cases built into walls, I will not become a storage unit. WILL NOT! CAN NOT! 

By the way, I’ve been itching to show some photos of how we are thinking about decorating, but I’m not sure that my photos will be like I want them to be. I need a wider angle lens. The first world problems that I have. But I will leave you with some colors we have been sampling, although I’m pretty sure what colors are going where in the house. The living room will be painted a grey – that’s the ONE thing that Mr. Houseful and I have agreed on. Then there is a Ikea field trip later this month, and then we’ll go crazy with getting the house together for our housewarming which will most likely just be a house party. Ha! The paint colors left to right are Behr brand – Bicycle Yellow, Vintage Teal, Cathedral and Butter Cookie. We’ve pretty much decided on a teal painted kitchen, but I need the right shade. The yellow was thrown up for comparison, and I’ve decided that it’s too bright for me. I could deal with it in a bathroom, but not my full kitchen. Picking colors is hard. I’ll be back soon. 

Behr Paint Colors - Bicycle Yellow, Vintage Teal, Cathedral, Butter Cookie

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Andrea @

Monday 5th of January 2015

I could see where moving books would not be fun. Perhaps you can talk your parents into boxing some things up for you, if they aren't already, or just bringing a load over when they come visit. That way it won't take quite some many trips back and forth for you. I need to work on cleaning my house out too. But I don't have a good excuse to go thru my house, ya know like moving.

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