Full Of Words Wednesday: The Daredevil

Sir Twizzler

This kid.
All boy.
I thought that the ladybug was going to be the one to give me gifts of bruises, scrapes, and nicks.


He has definitely taken his rightful place in the cut, scrapes, and bruises categories, and keeps going.

Forcing me to always answer questions concerning a knee, or a lip, or darn it, the corner of an eye. I’m sure he has dreams about running, and even tussles in THOSE.

I’m not sure my little heart can take much more of the full speed running as soon as his feet hit the ground, but I sure do love the sound of it.
The squeals of laughter as he attempts to do something that his big brother can do.

With a puff of his chest, and a little studying, he has figured out faster ways of getting things than what I afford him. Pushing a chair here. Climbing there. Scooting just a little this way.


Now, after all of that movement. He sits and waits. Patiently. Until I come and rescue him.

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