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Oakbrook Center Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun at Oakbrook Center

So, back when I was a little kid, during the summers, ALL of my Granny’s grandchildren would pile into her car  and we would head west on the Eisenhower expressway to Oakbrook Center – which as a kid felt…

Harlem Fine Arts Show Artist Antonio Davis

Chicago Sights: Harlem Fine Arts Show

Thanks to Country Financial for partnering with the Houseful to spread the awesome word about the Harlem Fine Arts Show I consider myself a creative, but I am NOT a painter, or a drawer, or sculptor, but I am…

Listen To Your Mother Chicago

The Final Curtain Call

Several years ago, I auditioned for Listen to Your Mother, and had NO idea what I was doing. I wrote about my sister, and nothing about motherhood, or the tie in with it. Maybe I just needed to have…