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Oakbrook Center Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun at Oakbrook Center

So, back when I was a little kid, during the summers, ALL of my Granny’s grandchildren would pile into her car  and we would head west on the Eisenhower expressway to Oakbrook Center – which as a kid felt…

100 Days Until Christmas

100 Days Until Christmas Countdown

It’s HERE!  100 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!  If you’re my friend on Facebook, you know that I start my countdown the day after Christmas because it’s my most favorite holiday out of all of the holidays ever.  September 1 marks…

Easter Egg Wreath

Make This Easter Egg Wreath Just In Time for Easter

It’s almost April, which means that it’s almost Easter, and because I’m trying to get better with creating more DIY decor around my house, I figured I’d give this Easter egg wreath that I’ve seen over and over again…

Dyeing the Chicago River Green

Chicago Sights: Dyeing the Chicago River Green

For today’s antics check out #DyeTheRiverGreen #HolidaysAtCountry and #CountryFinancial  Hey y’all and top of the whatever time of day it is for you! I woke up bright and early to head to the Chicago River for the annual dyeing…