Gift Guide for the Cook In Your Life

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Gift Guide for Those Who Love to Cook

I have not done one of these in so long, but a walk through a couple of stores while I braved the mall to return something helped a bit. It’s just natural that I would share a gift guide for the cook FIRST. 

I love cooking, and even though I’m not a food blog, I do love sharing the food I cook, and the items I use to cook in. ESPECIALLY if I purchased them myself, and have tried them ever since moving into my new home. One of those items is the Martha Stewart Cast Iron Cookware Collection. I knew that I wanted aspects of teal and yellow in my kitchen, and I happened to walk into Macy’s for an Everywhere Society event and saw these magnificent pieces. I have the 8qt, 6qt, and today, I’m ordering (ONLINE Y’ALL) the 2qt pot. 

This versatile round dish is perfect for baking casseroles, browning meats and much, much more. The heavy-duty construction distributes heat evenly, locking moisture in to slow-cooked stews and braised roasts. From prep to presentation, this attractive enameled cast iron pot goes with ease, featuring generously sized handles for a secure, confident grip.

I’m also a lover of measuring cups, spoons, bowls, all of that. If it makes my cooking look pretty AND provides a solid function (NO UNITASKERS – thanks Alton Brown) I want it. If its super cute, you know that I’m salivating over it. Like these for example. I don’t have this set, but to date, I have woodland creatures, whales, birds, nesting dolls, and standard high quality plastic. 

If you’re a baker – Silpat baking liners are so necessary. There is no need to throw anything away, thus allowing it to pay for itself over time. You can get them in quarter and half sheet sizes for perfect baking results (as long as you follow directions) every time. I love mine because it also allows for easy cleanup with my cookies sheets. 


If you’re frying, sauteing, sizzling, or just plain heating items up on the stove-top, a cast iron skillet is your friend. The more you use it, the more non-stick it becomes. I’m partial to Lodge cast iron skillets or even Calphalon cookware. Because they are amazing. This is the set that started my obsession 10 years ago – because of my chorus teacher purchasing my first dutch oven from the line for our wedding gift. 

This is just a small sample of what i use in my kitchen, and what I think would do REALLY well in the kitchens of other folks who love to cook. Are you one of them? Grab these deals while they’re hot! Happy shopping and happy holidays! 

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