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Gifts for the Blogger In Your Life

Gifts for the Blogger In Your Life

Oftentimes, when I’m out and about at an event, or gathering with friends or family, talk turns to what I do for a living, and what I use for my job. Usually, everyone thinks that I’ve gotten everything for free (story of my life – my house, my car, my work items) and I have to politely tell them that I work just as hard as they do to purchase the items that I use for work. From my computer, to my sewing machine – my camera to all of the lenses, I’ve invested in my business, and I’m happy to share what I’m using. Here is what I would recommend to anyone looking for a blogger gift guide. I use all of the items almost daily, and I love them. 

Blogger Gift Guide

I do need to go on record and say that the ONE thing that I did not buy on this list are the Beats by Dre. My son, Nathaniel, bought them for me, because he stated that I didn’t look cool with the earbuds that came with my cell phone. He has his moments. I should also let you know, that this post is full of affiliate links, because that’s how I make enough money to buy my coffee. 

What I Use for Blogging 

Nikon d750 Camera Body 

This is an upgrade for me. I was shooting on a d3100 for years, but realized that I needed a faster shutter speed, and full frame,and better image quality. It’s just what I like. If you’re okay with a cropped frame, you can stay with the camera bodies that cost less, and still be fine. Also, if photos aren’t a huge deal to you, you’ll be fine with an entry level camera body. 

JOBY GorillaPod Camera Tripod

I use this when I need to mount my camera for photos that I take that need to be stabilized. No matter how careful you are, shooting a camera that isn’t on a tripod when you need to insure that the camera stays still is impossible. This helps. The WiFi setting on the camera also helps me really make sure there will be no camera shake. I also use the tripod for videos, and video chats. It frees up my hands to write notes, and also leaves my computer free for browsing in case I need to see documents that are included. 

Digital Voice Recorder

When I attend press trips, there is NO WAY that I can write, or type fast enough on my phone and keep up. This digital voice recorder makes sure I catch every word, and report back to you all properly. 

50mm and 105 mm lenses

I guess I can say now that I love me a prime lens. With help from people like LaShawn Wiltz from Everyday Eyecandy and photography forums like Clickn’ Moms, I’ve been improving the quality of my photos. The prime lenses also work well in low light, and lets face it, half of the time, I’m taking photos after the sun goes down anyway. 

Microsoft Surface Book Pro

I mean, I can’t blog from my phone. I just can’t do it. This helps me stay sane. Check it out. 

Are there any other items you would add to my list? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Andrea @

Tuesday 19th of December 2017

I just purchased myself a new 50mm lens. It's a series back, so it was MUCH cheaper (less than $150) and it gives me the option for a manual aperture, which I needed for my macro teleconverter. What do you shoot with your 105mm? I love that you're recommending an external hard drive. I have 2 that I back up all my important files and photos on.

Kari Wagner Hoban

Monday 18th of December 2017

I can't blog from my phone either. And I need that voice recorder.

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