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April 2017

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy

It’s summer camp registration season, and what better summer camp than a digital one. Since I’m a blogger, my kids are interested in ALL things digital and tech, and if they were old enough, this would be the PERFECT…

Traveling to Hamburg Germany

Sending My Son Off to Hamburg, Germany #tmom

Earlier this year, my son Nathaniel visited Hamburg Germany as part of an exchange program between his school and their sister school there. I know that THOUSANDS of parents send their children off without them daily, but I was…

Get Great Spring Looks With eShakti

OOTD: eShakti White Shirtdress

The last time I wrote about eShakti, it was to show you the awesome yellow pleated dress that I was sent to review. Well that spurned a purchase a couple of months later, and I’m FINALLY able to wear…