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January 2017

A Parent's Guide to Childhood Asthma

A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Asthma

For as long as I’ve been aware of asthma, I’ve learned to recognize the signs of anyone having an asthma attack. My sister Jessica was an asthmatic, and now I have two children who suffer with asthma, but not…

Randy Ross

The Drunk Driver Always Lives

You know, for some reason, I feel as if my mother’s side of the family is essentially trying to break the world record for most emotional deaths. I mean, I don’t blame HER obviously, and I don’t think we’re…

Travel and Adventure Show

Travel and Adventure Show

As a travel writer, it is always important for me to stay on top of the trends in travel so that I know how to plan my year, and of course, so I can share all of the fun…

Brentwood Home Pillows

Brentwood Home Review and Coupon

You know, I travel, a lot. One of the perks of travel is being able to sleep in king sized hotel beds with six pillows to myself. Until the pillows aren’t of great quality and I’m stuck feeling as…

Megan Brown from The Beef Jar

Women In Farming: Megan B. of The Beef Jar

 Hi there everyone! Today, I’m interviewing Megan Brown from Chico, California. She’s a 6th generation, Northern Californian, commercial, cattle, and heritage hog  rancher, who happens to be quite vocal in regard to best practices, and fair treatment of consumers…