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December 2016

Natasha Nicholes of Houseful of Nicholes

Here’s to 2017!

I’m sure you’ve heard, for a lot of people, 2016 was absolutely brutal. In many ways it marked the end of a myriad of things. Childhood, democracy, you know, things that matter. However, my overall view of 2016 is…

Chicago Sights: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Here in Chicago, we love to find late night good eats, and last month I was treated to great sandwiches right in the heart of the loop. Capriotti’s is an award-winning sandwich shop that remains true to their 40 year…

Epiphanie Bags London

My Epiphanie London Camera Bag

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s high time to start treating myself to the best things, instead of things that are meant to tide me over until. Now, that’s not to say that I buy…

Bunyan & Babe

Catch Bunyan & Babe for FREE Great Family Fun

I’m always looking for great family entertainment, especially when I can fall back on interesting stories from my youth. The story of Bunyan & Babe does just that. Given that it has familiar voices from my television watching days,…

Tea Cakes #HousefulOfCookies

Tea Cakes

Houseful of Cookies is continuing with guest poster Devaria H. from Louisiana! She teamed up with her mother to make tea cakes for the holidays, and she’s here sharing with us. I love hearing about family traditions and seeing…

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